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QuodSermo Publishing is an imprint of Wet Ink Books and is dedicated to bringing high quality academic and non-fiction books to scholars, researchers and bibliophiles around the world.

We are a leading educational and non-fiction publisher based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We can be reached at: 905-376-9106 or by email at: QuodSermo@gmail.com.

We entertain book ideas from scholars and intellects from around the world.

Devour: Art & Lit Canada

Devour: Art & Lit Canada is published by Wet Ink Books. Devour was first published in 2017 under the auspices of Hidden Brook Press but as of 2020 is now a Wet Ink Books publication, still published and designed by Editor-in-chief, Richard M. Grove. Devour is our Wet Ink Books flagship cultural magazine.

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SandCrab Books

SandCrab Books is an imprint of Wet Ink Books. This imprint primarily publishes books related to the CCLA – Canada Cuba Literary Alliance but not exclusively. If you have a ms let Miguel know.

The publisher, Editor-in-chief and Translator is Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias

You can contact Miguel at: cclacubanprez@gmail.com

Don Gutteridge Poetry Award 2021 Winners
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Wet Ink Books

the Home of Canadian Literature

Owned and operated by Canadian author, editor, Poet Laureate, Richard M. Grove. Wet Ink Books, publishes only CanLit trade edition books.  Richard has been publishing in one form or another since 1990. With over 30 years of experience he has gained a reputation of being one of Canada’s finest publishers.


Wet Ink Books has no specific mandate of how many books to publish each year of poetry and prose but is always looking for new and upcoming, as well as established authors. Richard is the founding publisher of Hidden Brook Press now owned and operated by Legacy Books. QuodSermo Publishing and SandCrab Books are both imprints of Wet Ink Books.


He first published Devour: Art & Lit Canada in 2017 under the auspices of Hidden Brook Press. It is still published twice a year by Richard Grove as the Wet Ink Books flagship cultural magazine.


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARichard M. Grove A.O.C.A, known to friends as Tai, was born into an artist family in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on October 7, 1953.  With both parents being artists and art collectors he had a unique and early introduction into the world of visual art.  His first experience with art was with photography when at the age of thirteen he purchased, with his father’s enthusiasm and help, his first single lens reflex camera.  Over the ensuing years, after leaving high school, he studied pottery at Mohawk College, design and pottery at Sheridan College, leading to his graduating in 1984 from the Experimental Arts Department at Ontario College of Art.  In 1994 he graduated with honours from the Humber College, Arts Administration diploma course.  In 2002 he returned to school to study computer courses relating to publishing.

Since graduating from Ontario College of Art, Richard, has exhibited in more than twenty, solo and group exhibitions in Hamilton, Toronto, Boston, Calgary and Grand Prairie. He has his art  in over thirty corporate collections across Canada.  The most prominent of which are: Esso Resources, Continental Insurance, Alberta Energy Corporation and Calgary District Hospital Group.  These four companies alone represent a collection of well over twenty-five pieces of his work. Among the many corporate collections are six commissions of different styles and mediums ranging from pastel on paper to acrylic on canvas.

Along with his visual art, Richard has been writing poetry seriously for many years and has had over 100 of his poems published in periodicals and has been published in over 20 anthologies from around the world.  His first book of poetry titled “Beyond Fear and Anger” was released in 1997. His second book titled “Poems For Jack” was released in 2002 with “A View of Contrasts” soon to follow. His book of digital paintings and poetry entitled “Sky Over Presqu’ile: Fragments of Time” was released in 2003. His collection of digital paintings “Substantiality” was released in 2006. His collection of short stories “Family Reunion”, as well as two books of photography “terra firma” and “Oxido Rojo” were all released in 2007. You can reach him at writers@wetinkbooks.com. He is also the author of numerous books with a metaphysical themes including “The Mind–Body Connection” and “Metaphysical Healing For a Secular Age”.

He is an editor and publisher and runs a growing publishing company called Hidden Brook Press from which he publishes poetry contest anthologies and books of every genre for authors around the world.   Aside from being a published poet Richard has also exhibited his poetry in acrylic on paper paintings as well as in audio sculptures.  For his poetry Richard has won a number of prize and honourable mentions as well as a finalist spot in two contest anthologies.

Richard is also the founder of the Canadian Poet Registry, an archival information website that lists Canadian poets including: biographical information, their book titles and awards. One can view this website at – http://www.wetinkbooks.com/Registry.htm.  He was an active member of the Canadian Poetry Association for almost ten years serving on the executive for seven years including five as President.  He is the president of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance – www.CanadaCubaLiteraryAlliance.org and the founding member of the Brighton-Quinte and area Writers Group.

Richard has also been a public speaker, presenting topics on poetry and publishing internationally. He has also been MCing poetry readings and speaking as feature reader in various locations around the world including Cuba, New Zealand, Germany and Canada.  He was the Feature Author as publisher/poet in the October 1998 issue of “The Treasure Chest” published out of Virginia, USA and Feature Poet in “Poetry Canada” in 2004.

Wet Ink Books

Richard (Tai) Grove is the Canadian President of the CCLA – Canada Cuba Literary Alliance.  He has been going to Cuba once or twice a year for almost 30 years and has organized literary trips that included readings at the “International Book Fair” in Havana and different universities across Cuba. He has been interviewed on Cuba radio and TV. You can find info at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/270081688228336.

You can find some of our past issues of The Envoy and The Ambassador at: https://issuu.com/richardgrove1 Happy Reading!! Pass the news.

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The Bridges Series is published for the CCLA by SandCrab Books.

SandCrab Books is an imprint of Wet Ink Books.

The publisher, Editor-in-chief and translator is Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias

This series of books includes Canada Cuba Literary Alliance (CCLA) members.

Each book includes 4 CCLA member authors – always 2 Cubans and 2 Canadian.

Each book is published in Spanish and English.

If you are interested in being published in this Bridges Series you can contact Miguel at: cclacubanprez@gmail.com

QuodSermo Publishing is an imprint of Wet Ink Books and is dedicated to bringing high quality academic and non-fiction books to scholars, researchers and bibliophiles around the world.

We are a leading educational and non-fiction publisher based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We can be reached at: 905-376-9106 or by email at: QuodSermo@gmail.com.

We entertain book ideas from scholars and intellects from around the world.

Find info about Wet Ink Books and our contest by clicking here or email us at:
Wet Ink Books @ gmail. com (no spaces)

Wet Ink Books is the home of The Don Gutteridge Poetry Award found at:


2022 Submission Info Link at the bottom of this page.

First Place: $2,500.00 – Plus 50 copies of the published book.

David BlaikieA Season in Lowertown

Second Place: $1,000.00 – Plus 50 copies of the published book.

Wendy Jean MacLeanOn Small Wings

Third Place: $500.00 – Plus 50 copies of the published book.

Antony DiNardoThrough Yonder Window Breaks

Honourable Mention:

Mike MadillThe Better Part of Some Time – 50 copies of the published book.

All 4 winning books will be published by Wet Ink Books in 2022.

All 4 authors will be featured in a future issue of Devour: Art & Lit Canada. You can find back issues of Devour at: www.issuu.com/richardgrove1/stacks/bc11ecdd1e7646c4b1fac2bb7aef11ef

Stay tuned for the Devour issue with the 4 winners.

A Message From Don:

I am delighted with the results of this 2021 inaugural year of the Don Gutteridge Poetry Award. We are proud to have received a wide range of Canadian poets, published and unpublished, men and women, from various regions of the country.

Initially I proposed a single prize of $2,500,00, but it soon became apparent that the quality of submissions called for more than a single winner. Hence the first, second and third places and the honourable mention.

I want to personally thank all those who submitted manuscripts and provided me with many weeks of stimulating reading. Canadian poetry is in a good place.

Don Gutteridge

Don Gutteridge Brief Bio:

Don Gutteridge was born in Sarnia, Ontario and raised in the nearby village of Point Edward. In 1948 the family moved to the Fourth Line of Sarnia Township and Don attended a one-room country school for grades 6 to 8. (His 1992 novel, Winter’s Descent, focusses on that experience) In 1952 the family moved to Chatham, Ontario, where Don attended Chatham Collegiate Institute. In 1956 he enrolled at Western University and graduated in 1960 with a degree in English Language and Literature. He began to write poetry in earnest there. Upon graduation, Don taught high school English for seven years, continuing to write poetry and an unpublished novel. In 1968 his first book of poetry appeared, Riel: A Poem For Voices. By 1976 he had completed a tetralogy of historical poems and published his first of twenty-two novels, Bus-Ride. In 1968 he joined Western’s Faculty of Education, where he taught English Methods to prospective High School English teachers for the next twenty-five years, retiring a professor emeritus in 1993. During that time he continued to publish both poetry and fiction. Of particular note is his twelve-volume series of Marc Edwards mystery novels. He and his wife Anne (now deceased) welcomed two children and six grandchildren. Don’s hobbies were golf, bridge and curling. Even at the age of eighty-one he continues to write poetry. In all he has produced seventy books: poetry, fiction and scholarly works in educational theory and practice. He lives in London Ontario.

Don Gutteridge Poetry Collections:

  • Riel: A Poem For Voices, Fiddlehead Poetry Books: Fredericton, 1968; and Van Nostrand Reinhold: Toronto, 1972.
  • The Village Within, Fiddlehead: Fredericton, 1970.
  • Death At Quebec and Other Poems, Fiddlehead: Fredericton, 1971.
  • Perspectives: Poems Toward a Biography, Pennywise Press, London, Ontario, 1971.
  • Saying Grace: An Elegy, Fiddlehead: Fredericton, 1972.
  • Coppermine: The Quest For North, Oberon: Ottawa, 1973.
  • Borderlands, Oberon: Ottawa, 1975.
  • Tecumseh, Oberon: Ottawa, 1976.
  • A True History of Lambton County, Oberon: Ottawa, 1977.
  • God’s Geography, Brick Books: London, 1982.
  • The Exiled Heart; Selected Narratives, Oberon: Ottawa, 1986.
  • Love in the Wintertime, Oberon: Ottawa, 1990.
  • Flute Music in the Cello’s Belly, Moonstone: Goderich, 1997.
  • Bloodlines, Oberon: Ottawa, 2001.
  • Something More Miraculous, Oberon: Ottawa, 2004.
  • Still Magical, Oberon: Ottawa, 2007.
  • Coming Home, Oberon: Ottawa, 2011.
  • The Way It Was, Friesen Press: Vancouver, 2014.
  • Tidings, Black Moss Press: Windsor, 2015.
  • Peripheries, (ebook) First Choice Books: Victoria, 2016.
  • Inundations, Hidden Brook Press: Brighton, 2016.
  • The Blue Flow Below, Black Moss Press: Windsor, 2017.
  • The Sands of Canatara (ebook) First Choice Books: Victoria, 2017.
  • Inklings, Black Moss Press: Windsor, 2017.
  • The Village Within, (re-issue, ebook)) First Choice Books: Victoria, 2017.
  • Cameron Lake, (ebook) First Choice Books: Victoria, 2018.
  • Home Ground, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2018.
  • Two Dozen for Anne, First Choice books, Victoria, 2018
  • Bereft: Poems for my Beloved, First Choice Books, Victoria, 2018.
  • Another Poem For Anne, First Choice Books, Victoria, 2018.
  • Days Worth the Telling, Black Moss Press, Windsor, 2018.
  • The Breath of My Being, First Choice Books, Victoria, 2018.
  • Foster’s Pond, Borealis, Ottawa, 2019
  • The Star-Brushed Horizon, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2019.
  • Mara’s Lamp, Black Moss Press. 2019.
  • Impious Whims: Selected Poems, Borealis Press, 2019.
  • In the Rarefied Regions of the Heart, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2020.
  • Point Taken: Collected Poems 2014-2020, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2020.
  • By and By, With John B. Lee. Brighton: Hidden Brook Press 2020.
  • The Derelict Heart, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press: 2020.
  • Invincible Ink, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2020.
  • Into the Milkweed Meadow, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2021.
  • Where Rivers Run Deep, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2021.
  • More Boding Than Blood, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2021.
  • Inking the World, Brighton: Hidden Brook Press, 2021

Find the 2022 Call for Award Submissions here:


Entries start on June 01, 2022

Don Gutteridge Poetry Award


published by Wet Ink Books

$5,250.00 in Prizes

$3,000.00, $1,500.00 and $750.00 for the top 3 best

unpublished poetry mss

by a Canadian poet.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will receive $3,000.00, $1,500.00 and $750.00 (CND$)

Winners will also receive 50 copies of the finished published book and will be featured in the magazine Devour: Art & Lit Canada with 5 poems, bio and bio pic. 

See “Devour: Art & Lit Canada” on line at:


The Summer 2022 issue has the previous winners.

2 Runners Up will receive 50 copies of the finished published book and will be featured in the magazine Devour: Art & Lit Canada with 5 poems, bio and bio pic.

All Winners and Runners Up will be published in the same, one volume, contest winner book.

Previously Published Poems Welcomed: Previously published poems from journals, magazines, anthologies, newsletters, blogs, etc. are welcome.  Poems previously published in an author’s single-author book are not permitted.

•   Length: MS must be a minimum of 60 poetry pages.

•   Blind Judging: Do Not include your name on the cover letter. Include title only.

•   The Judges: Don Gutteridge and John B. Lee.

•   Mail: Your finished ms will be mailed to:

                        Mr. Don Gutteridge

                        230 Victoria Street,

                        London, ON

                        N6A 2C2

      (ms will not be returned)

      (do not send submission fee to this address, see eTransfer info below)

(send your eTransfer first and then mail your submission.)

•  Cover Letter with your ms:

1 – your cover letter will include your mailing address (no author name),

2 – phone numbers (no author name),

3 – proposed title of book.

4 – include ms title on every page. please every page.

5 – In your cover letter indicate a statement that you have paid your $25 entry fee by eTransfer to WetInkBooks@gmail.com. (rememberdo not mail a cheque)

•   Submission Date: The award will begin receiving submissions on:

                                          June 01, 2021.

•   Deadline: The deadline for the 2022 award is:

                          October 01, 2022. (Post Marked)

•   Announcing Winners: The 3 winners and possibly two runners up will be announced on:

                                                  November 15, 2022 and published in 2023.

•   Entry Fee: Send your $25.00 CND$ entry fee by eTransfer to: WetInkBooks@gmail.com

                              Do not mail a cheque – eTransfer only.

•   Email Us: Email Wet Ink Books and inform us that you have sent an eTransfer.

                          In the email include: 1 – your full name,

                                                            2 – your mailing address,

                                                            3 – your phone numbers,

                                                            4 – proposed title of book.

All of this information will be in the body of the email – (do not attach a cover letter).

This info will not be shared with the judges – this is a bind submission.