Richard M. Grove (Tai)

Richard M. Grove, otherwise known to friends as Tai, divides his time between a condo in Toronto and a house in Brighton. The Brighton house is in Presqu’ile Provincial Park, half way between Toronto and Kingston where he and his wife Kim run a B&B. He is a Poet, Prose Writer, Publisher, Photographer, Painter, Graphic Designer and is the Poet Laureate of Brighton. He is the founding president of the CCLA – Canada Cuba Literary Alliance. You can find his Cuba Blog at He has 14 titles to his name and his images have been used in many books as well as on the cover of almost 75 books. His writer’s blog can be found at: In 2020 he was the founder of The Poetry Pandemic Project that reached around the world. He is the Editor-in-chief of Devour: Art & Lit Canada. He has had over 100 poems and essays published in periodicals around the world as well as having been published in over 30 anthologies. You can find his publishing company at: