Mike Madill

Mike Madill: When not writing, Mike Madill pursues freelance editing, and has also taken turns as a social worker, computer analyst and home contractor. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from York University.

His poems have been published across Canada, including in The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review, Event, Existere, The Fiddlehead, Freefall, The Nashwaak Review, The New Quarterly, untethered, Vallum, White Wall Review and The Windsor Review. He was shortlisted for Freefall’s 2019-20 Poetry Contest, and an Honourable Mention in the inaugural 2021 Don Gutteridge Poetry Award Contest earned him publication of his debut collection, The Better Part of Some Time.

Mike Madill Author Statement

Even as a child, I penned little stories, but never seriously pursued writing, (beyond typical high school scribbles of teenage angst), until I was close to 40. Spotting an ad in my local newspaper for a night school writing course, I impulsively registered. My teacher proved to be the celebrated poet Barry Dempster, who introduced me to the world of poetry, eventually becoming an invaluable mentor and, more importantly, a true friend.

My relationship with writing has always been hot and cold. Anxiety and depression often fuel a negative voice that, more than once, has nearly convinced me to put away the pen for good. But invariably, Barry nudges me back to the page.

Growing up, I remember my parents being very driven, weekends always abuzz with housework, yardwork and car maintenance. I inherited their house pride, but have always strived to be less strict with myself, aware of the value of a healthy work-play balance.

My biggest influence was my father, Ron Madill. He was well-read, eloquent and sarcastic, (all qualities I admire), and when I recall now his knowledge of all things hands-on, it still astounds me. I would also say my friend, John Shirtliff, who shared a similar work ethic to my dad, and had a wisdom far beyond his abbreviated school years. Finally, my dear friend Barry Dempster, whose incredible talent in both writing and teaching has been a gift, and his relentless tenacity throughout his own personal challenges a true inspiration.

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